Hi! I thought I’d kick off this blog by letting you all know about something that has become very important to me, I hope you share my sentiments:)

As some of you may have already seen on my site, our Church is sending a team into Uganda at the end of this summer to help in some of the areas where they are most needed. The area that the team is going to be needs schools, medical supplies, and help building a system off which they can build communities.

The goal is to take medical supplies, help them build a school, and set up a program for micro-loans to give the community a chance to start new. This part of the world has been torn apart by violence that is almost unimaginable from a North American point of view. We are so blessed over here, I feel priveleged to be able to be involved in helping people that have been left with nearly nothing.

That said:), a group of us from our Church is putting on an artisan fair at a local venue on April 28th, and we are sending out a call to artists for donations of their work (however large or small:) that we can put up in silent auctions, with all proceeds going to the Uganda trip.

I will be in charge of all of the artists’ bios and showcases at the show, and am looking forward to taking this opportunity to showcase the work of the artists that participate and bring attention to their skill.

I will be listing all of the participating artists in this post as we go, and when all spots are filled, we will be ditributing hundreds of flyers to the Calgary and surrounding ares with information on each artist and how to contact them.

If you are interested in becoming one of our featured artists and donating a piece, please contact me through my website email at http://www.ellejule.com

Thanks for your participation!

We currently have 3 active participants, and need up to 22 more.


-Danielle Stirling