As of yesterday, we added a “shop now” tab to the top of our facebook page. We will have 2-4 products listed on that page at all times, and they will be switched out as they are sold or once a week. All of these products will be 20% off for our “fans” while they are listed there as a thank you to all of you wonderful people that support our handmade designs.

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These earrings come with one pair of each of the stones/colors that correspond with each of the seven Chakras…if you have an interest in Chakras, you know what I mean:)

The stones may be worn all together as seen in the pictures, or they may be worn one, two or more pairs at a time.
It is thought that wearing the stones that correspond with a certain chakra will strengthen that Chakras properties.

When purchased as a charm set or a full set (hoops and charms) these earrings will come with a card that illustrates the basic properties of each chakra and which stone to wear to strengthen them.

I will be listing new pendants for the rest of the week, some of which have been added to the site tonight. These little guys are made with actual upcycled scrabble tiles, so they are cute ~and~ environmentally friendly:)

Most of these are made to order, so a couple of days lead time should be expected when ordering (it takes two days for the water resistant gloss coat to set)

Remember, I take custom orders, so if you have any requests, shoot me an email or feel free to comment!

Elle Jule-Canadian handcrafted jewelry designs.

I have just listed my first four limited edition pieces for “Afterglow” Elle Jules’ new Twilight inspired jewelry collection. Check them out, and comment to let me know what you think!

Forbidden Love
Forbidden Love – by mineallmine on

I love Polyvore!

Wow, long time, I know. Lots of new things on the agenda!

The most exciting (according to me) is a new surprise collection that I will be launching next month. I am really looking forward to adding this collection to my site!

Just for those of you who read my blog and or subscribe to my newsletter, I am offering pre-sales on the Forbidden Fruit bracelet below. It is the signature piece from my new “twilight inspired” collection- a double band of  black  leather, adorned with a sterling silver apple charm and a crimson Swarovski crystal heart. It is finished with a sterling silver extender chain and sterling lobster clasp.

Forbidden Love Bracelet

Forbidden Love Bracelet

These pieces are going to feature sterling silver, Swarovski crystal, gemstones, genuine leather and artisan lamwork to ensure high quality, beautiful jewelry that will honor the books that inspired them and ensure that they may be cherished for ages to come.

To pre-order this limited edition bracelet, please send me an email from my website, HERE.

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