These earrings come with one pair of each of the stones/colors that correspond with each of the seven Chakras…if you have an interest in Chakras, you know what I mean:)

The stones may be worn all together as seen in the pictures, or they may be worn one, two or more pairs at a time.
It is thought that wearing the stones that correspond with a certain chakra will strengthen that Chakras properties.

When purchased as a charm set or a full set (hoops and charms) these earrings will come with a card that illustrates the basic properties of each chakra and which stone to wear to strengthen them.



Black Light Necklace

Black Light Necklace

This necklace is my new favorite, with the rediculously sparkly black spinel beads and the electric blue apatite beads, it really pops, even against a black shirt. I have just listed this one in my online shop here.

My new collection, enchanted treasures pays homage to all of the wonders of nature, with an edge of whimsical mystery including themes from legends of mermaids, sirens, fairies and other mystical beings.
The bracelet above is a teaser from the new collection called mermaid cove.
Check my site at the end of February for more enchanted treasures!